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Shinji Fujioka was born and raised in Hawaii where he eschewed sun, sand, and surf in favor of reading, playing video games, and drawing lots of ninjas, superheroes, and all manner of weaponry. He knew he wanted to be an artist. Alas, as things sometimes happen, life steered him away from his childhood conviction in more practical directions. 

These days, while he still pretends to be a responsible adult, he can often be found drawing and writing about the worlds that live inside his head, and heart. There may not be as many ninjas and superheroes as before, but he still enjoys the wonder that comes from creating a world of imagination.

Shinji now lives in Southern California with his ultra-supportive wife and their three-legged dog, Rain, and is (unsuccessfully) trying to get over his fear of roller coasters so he can properly enjoy Disneyland.