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Over a creative career spanning 20 years, Mike has designed, illustrated, and built: puppets, trees, robots, monsters, video games, hip-hop clothing, pet grooming logos, retiring coworkers, and cute animals (both stuffed and real). Mike’s winding road of doodling and artistry finally brought him back home to where his journey began, telling stories for kids and families.

Mike is the creator of Marigold Bakes a Cake (Philomel) and its 2019 sequel Marigold Finds the Magic Words, as well as the illustrator for the Warren & Dragon chapter book series (Viking) and You Made Me a Daddy, written by Laurenne Sala (HarperCollins, Winter 2019).

Mike lives in northern New Jersey with his wife, two children, and his cat Agnes, who used to hate him, but now won’t leave him alone.




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