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David Bernardy was born in Vero Beach, FL and grew up in Kennesaw, GA. As a little boy he learned his letters from his grandfather, a sign painter. Drawing in the dirt under the oak trees in his grandparents’ backyard, his grandfather showed him how the “S” curved like a swan’s neck and the “M” rose up like mountains, and ever since, writing and drawing have felt like two sides of the same coin. 

David continued both writing and drawing throughout school, always with the hope of capturing a new story. He earned his BA in English, MFA in Fiction, and PhD in Literature and Creative Writing. He has taught literature and writing in multiple University settings, was a writer-in-residence for Writers in the Schools in Houston for seven years, where he taught creative writing to kids from second-grade through high school, and has taught art at the Greenville Center for the Creative Arts. His work for adults has been published in The River City Review, the Allegheny Review, and online at, Brevity and Cite.

After the birth of his daughter several years ago, David rediscovered children’s literature and the magic that happens when words and pictures work together. He joined his regional SCBWI chapter and committed himself to learning all he could about those wonderful things called picture books. In 2016 he won first place in both the 'Art' and the 'Picture Book Manuscript' categories of the SCBWI Carolinas chapter. David now lives, creates, and teaches in Greenville, SC.